Help and explanations to the website

Condition of posters
The criteria used to evaluate posters, particularly old ones, differ considerably from those generally employed in the evaluation of printed works. A poster may still be given «A» classification, for example, even if it is slightly crumpled or soiled or if there are minor tears outside the actual picture.

A = Poster in good condition. Picture completely preserved. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges.
B = Picture completely preserved. Wrinkles and tears possible.
C = Poster restored.
aJ = Mounted on Japanese vellum.
aL = Mounted on linen.
aF = Mounted on foil.

Printing technique
Printing techniques cannot always be identified reli¬ably. All information regarding techniques is to the best of our knowledge and belief

FL = Chromolithograph
LI = Lithograph
FO = Color Offset
OF = Offset
TD = Intaglio Print
LO = Linocut
BD = Letterpress
SD = Silk screen print

The size of the works is indicated in centimeters, height x width.